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Hoss seeder review 2



Once again it is really uniform and pretty great performance.

Chiogga Beet:

There's always going to be a lemon in the bunch and this was definetly it. the seed is shaped like tiny little maces and they varied in sizes wildly from 1/8" to 1/16" so I reall didn't expect too much, it is still better than I can do by hand, but thinning will be required.

I think if the seed were sifted to get better uniformity it would do better, but for now this is what I got.

Kale Low Tunnel Test:

I planted 3 types of kale in my low tunnels over the last 2 days, here are my observations. I'll update when it germinates.

Johnny seeds Toscano:
(Dinosaur Kale)
I plant alot of this, it is popular and the seed is cheap. This seed is not sorted but worked wonderfully out of the seeder and was very uniform with no stuck seeds when tested through the seeder plate.
Plate #1 was used.

Johnnys Winterbor:

A good cold weather kale, was just too big for the #1 plate and just too small for the #7 plate. I used the #7 plate and expect some double or triple drops but won't know for sure until it comes up. This seed is pricey so I will probably make a custom plate for it and the twilleys red Kale seed.

Johnnys Starbor Kale:

This kale is sorted and ran prefectly in Plate #1, this kale is really uniform, awsome seed.

Twilleys Red Russian Kale:

This seed varied wildly in size some seed over twice the size of others. I plugged the arbor hole of the seed plate and used it like a sifter in order to keep it from getting plugged. The over sized seed that got stuck in sifting got tossed, I could have used them in plate #7 I suppose. Used plate #1 after sifting.

Here I am seeding kale before I bend the hoops over.

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I've been getting lots of requests about carrot sized seeds and here is my peliminary review, most of the real life use tests will be posted on our blog, which I encourage yall to visit and post comments and questions, it sure helps us decide what to test and talk about. I ran a test on foam with Twilleys Scarlet Nantes, which is a cheap unsorted seed. This seed also ranges wildly in size and is typically very small. The drops were from 2-5 seed at a time, though this type might need a custom plate made up for it to tighten that up.

Twilleys Envy:
This I didn't run yet but took pics. with it on the plate to show how much better it fits than the Scarlet Nantes, so you really need to watch and test your varieties so you get the best fit or better yet make your own plate for the seed. I think I will make a custom plate for the Scarlet sized seed next week and post it on the blog so check it out.
This is the Scarley Nantes, notice how small and irregular it is.

This is the Envy notice it fits very well compared to the Scarlet.

We are running out of room on these pages for Hoss wheel hoe seeder reviews so we will be posting future tests our blog. So please check it out and let us know what you think. We also have other things like my cheap, easy and effective method to build low tunnel green houses ect...

Tips on planting in less than perfect soil.

I don't know about you guys but it seems like I always end up having to plant in soil thats too moist, rocky or has clumps and vegitation in it. This is how I get around these obsticles.

First if it isn't to bad such as a rock now and then or moderate old vegitation I just lift up the back end of the seeder every few feet to clear anything that is  building up under the seeder.

If conditions are pretty bad like mud clumps or other large amounts of obsticles, I will remove one or both of the aluminum shoes that funnel the dirt over the seed before it gets compressed. I have found under most conditions these are un-needed and the seeds get covered just fine without them.

Building your own custom Hoss seed plate .

Building your own custom seed plate tutorial for the Hoss Seeder is now up on our blog, check it out and please post some comments. I need to know what questions yall have so I can anwser them.

Check out our online store for great deals! If you find it cheaper let us know and I bet we can beat it!!! 

The Hoss Seeder:

Made proudly in the USA! The Hoss seeder  is the best seeder value on the market. The Hoss seeder opens a trench meters the seed into the trench and then covers it. The depth is adjustable in 1/4" increments. The closest competition to the Hoss seeder is the Korean seeders that cost $400 and $20 for each seed plate. For all the features of the Hoss seeder you would pay nearly $520 for the korean models with 6 plates and they aren't made in the USA. The Hoss seeder comes with 6 plates for most of your planting needs we have 4 more plates to cover almost everything from carrots to pumpkins for an additional $25.

Hoss Seeder Attachment: $155+ $15 shipping

Extra Plates 7-10: $25

Blank seed plates
all 3 thicknesses : $5ea

Blank seed plate
drill template : $14ea

To see more seeder tests and to see our Hoss tools in action visit us at our family blog.

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