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Hoss Seeder Review

We decided to test the Hoss seeder and post the results since there are no other reviews that we could find. We will be planting between 6 and 8 acres with the Hoss seeder here on our produce farm so we will have a pretty good idea of what it can do and if there are any tricks to help tune it. This page will be updated as we run more tests and as we plant our fields.

here are some Hoss seeder features you need to know about.....

Removable Hopper:

Unlike most of the other seeders in it's price range the Hoss seeder has a removable hopper so you dont have to flip the whole unit over to change seed and plates. This save time and seed.

Shown without plate brush and bushing, this will all be in there when you remove it from the Hoss seeder making it less likely to spill the seed.

Hopper/Plate Construction:

The Hoss seeder is very well engineered, the seeder plate goes into the removable hopper and locks into place on an arbor, this arbor spins loading the plate and moving the loaded seed to the drop tube. there are also 2 brushes that whisk the excess seed away so you have less double seed drops. The bottom mounted plate means that you can run the Hoss seeder with much less seed than the more common side mounted seeders.

hopper with plate and brushes installed.

Installing the seed plate into the Hoss seeder, the plates for small seed come in a cupped plate for better consistency and ease of seed removal. The cupped plate also prevents smaller seed from getting under the plate and becoming ground up.

Adjustable Seed Depth:

The seed depth is easily set in 1/4" increments with a simple click adjustment.

Here you push the bar over and click it into the proper hole to set the depth.

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Stay tuned we will be updating our Hoss seeder review tests on our family blog page.

Snap Peas

I used a smaller holed plate than suggested and found that the spacing was almost perfect with no double drops. I didn't even have enough seed to cover the bottom of the hopper. Click on the pic. to see the peas which are coated red.

This is Hellcat spinach tested through the Hoss Seeder

As you can see it was very uniform no double feeds and no skips, great performance.

It metered great but the seeds bounced on the foam making it look sort of uneven. Sorry about the pics but I'm not very good at sizing them, computers and I don't generally get along, LOL.

We used the Hoss seeder to plant 2 acres of sweet corn in some pretty rough soil conditions this last season and it worked great! No issues what so ever (this is with the shoes removed).

Hoss has replaced the shoes that cover the seed with a chain mechanism that is far less likely to clog, I removed the shoes on mine and works fine without but this is supposed to cover the seeds better and release clogs as you go.


The Hoss Seeder:

Made proudly in the USA! The Hoss seeder  is the best seeder value on the market. The Hoss seeder opens a trench meters the seed into the trench and then covers it. The depth is adjustable in 1/4" increments. The closest competition to the Hoss seeder is the Korean seeders that cost $400 and $20 for each seed plate. For all the features of the Hoss seeder you would pay nearly $520 for the korean models with 6 plates and they aren't made in the USA. The Hoss seeder comes with 6 plates for most of your planting needs. We have 4 more plates to cover almost everything from carrots to pumpkins for an additional $25.

Hoss Seeder Attachment: $155+ $18 shipping

Extra Plates 7-10: $20

Blank seed plates
all 3 thicknesses : $5ea

Blank seed plate
drill template : $14ea

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